Vanessa Brooks

Property Investment Manager

With exceptional work ethic and dedication, Vanessa is a down to earth Property Manager offering several years experience in Real Estate Administration and Property Management.

Always having a keen interest in Real Estate, Vanessa believes in building relationships with landlords and tenants based on honesty and great communication.Prior to commencing Real Estate, Vanessa worked in the IT and Hospitality industries where she developed a high level of attention to detail and outstanding organisational skills.

Vanessa is dedicated to maintaining a high standard at each property from thorough periodic inspections, to highly detailed property reports and in depth tenancy screenings to name a few. With her Can-Do attitude, you can rest assured your property is in safe hands!

What our customers say

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“Just a note to say that Vanessa has been doing a great job for me. Really delighted to have her managing the property.”

Gillian - Landlord

“You have been an awesome real estate agent, your service and professional and friendly manner has been impeccable and much appreciated.”

Samantha - Tenant

“Vanessa has been extremely helpful, responsive and has exceeded my expectations regarding careful management of the property, attention to detail, efficient communication and quick response times. We are now gearing up for a sales campaign remotely, as we live in England, and as you can imagine this is a stressful time, with expatriate tenants still in possession of the lease, but having effectively vacated, so we are relying on Vanessa's assistance to a greater extent at present and she is more than rising to the challenge. When I met Vanessa recently at the property, she was equally professional in person. In discussing the management of the property briefly with the tenant, the tenant made the comment that when we switched management to Vanessa, from her perspective it was "like night and day". She was delighted as well.”

Nicola - Landlord